2019 - 64th Annual Newcastle & Hunter Combined Schools ANZAC Commemorative Event

Australian Army Major Pete Green, OAM

This year’s ANZAC Commemorative Event honours the vital role of members of the Australian Defence Force and Australian Federal Police who help countries around the globe make the difficult, early transition from conflict to peace under the flag of the United Nations.

Order of Commemorative Event


Newcastle performance:

Wheeler Place
Hunter Wind Ensemble
Director: Alison Tenorio

Civic Theatre Foyer
Lambton High School Drama
Director: Anne Grivas

Singleton performance:

Civic Centre Courtyard
Singleton High School Band
Band Director: Matthew Edwards
Vocal Director: Rebecca Luscombe
Vocalist: Amber Merrick

Civic Centre Foyer Lambton High School Drama
Director: Anne Grivas

Introduction and Welcome

Student Committee

Newcastle Performance:

Lord Mayor's Address

Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Councillor Nuatali Nelmes

Singleton Performance:

Mayor's Address

Mayor of Singleton, Councillor Sue Moore

Saluting Their Service

Newcastle performance:
Joshua Bartlett and Sophie Herbert
St Philip's Christian College

Singleton performance
Kathleen Soo and Bella Ernst
Lambton High School

In the Service of Peace

Performing throughout programme:
Narrators: Joshua Bartlett,Shelby Fanning, Saskia Ferguson, Brianni Gedeon, Blayne Griffin, Sophie Herbert, Heyma Nahar, Jessica Pelley, Bella Ernst, Kathleen Soo

Lambton High School Preliminary Drama Class
Director: Anne Grivas

Saint Francis Xavier Band
Band Co-ordinator: Luke Baker
Django Mallon, Alexine Ziade, Jon De Vitis, Luca Jones

Song “In the Service of Peace”
Written and composed by Elizabeth Blyth

Soloist: Bessie Stokes

Remembrance Service

Mr Phil Winney
President - Merewether-Hamilton-Adamstown RSL Sub-Branch

Mr Glenn Mount
President, Singleton RSL Sub-Branch

Mounting of the Catafalque Party

Service and Adventure Unit – Newcastle Grammar School
Guard Commander – Sergeant Thomas Conlon

Laying of Tributes and Piping the Lament

Peter Campbell – The City of Newcastle Pipe Band

Ode of Remembrance

Taylah Morgan and Jack Van Esveld
Hamilton South Public School

Kasey Tudor and Emily Cameron
Singleton High School

The Last Post

Bugler: Tye Jeffriess

One Minute's Silence


Bugler: Tye Jeffriess

Australian National Anthem

Advance Australia Fair
Saint Francis Xavier Singers
Bethany Woods, Aysha Yuhermon-Taylor, Serafina Angeli, Lilly Baines, Chloe Anson-Smith, Samantha Abrahams

Closing Address

Mr Mark Williams
Acting Chief Executive Officer
Newcastle Permanent Building Society

Ms Felicity Laczina
Chief People Officer
Newcastle Permanent Building Society

Lest We Forget

Student Committee

Joshua Bartlett
Bella Ernst
Shelby Fanning
Saskia Ferguson
Brianni Gedeon
Blayne Griffin
Sophie Herbert
Cameran Hill
Hayma Nahar
Jessica Pelley
Kathleen Soo


Colonel Louise Abell, CSC
Dr Kate Ariotti
Chris Atkins Construction
Mr Beau Berman
Ms Elizabeth Blyth
Warrant Officer Alison Davis - Australian Army
Major Pete Green, OAM - Australian Army
Captain Stephen Gregory - Australian Army
Mr Michael Leggett
Corporal Scott Seccombe - Australian Army
Mr Matt Schultz
Sergeant Gerard Williams - Australian Army

Support Team

Michelle Gosper - Artistic Director
Phil Winney - President Di McArtney - Vice-President
Peta Carney - Event & Web Co-ordinator
Richard McArtney - Hon. Treasurer
Emilia Cardillo - Hon. Solicitor
Steven Underwood - Hon. Solicitor
Michael Voorbij - Public Officer & Secretary, Callaghan College Jesmond

Steven Gibb - Merewether High School
Kim Scully - St Francis Xavier's College
Graeme Evans - St Philip's Christian College — Newcastle
Anne Grivas - Lambton High School
Elizabeth Blyth - Musical Director
Joy Kingsford - Minute Secretary
Royce Atkinson
Anne Young
Michael Creevey - Shamrock Video

Sponsors and Supporters

Newcastle Permanent Building Society
The City of Newcastle
Catholic Schools Office - Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle
Merewether-Hamilton-Adamstown RSL Sub-Branch
Department of Veterans' Affairs
Callaghan College Jesmond Campus
Lambton High School
Merewether High School
Singleton High School

St Francis Xavier's College
St Philip's Christian College Newcastle
Bentleys Newcastle
Shaw Gidley Insolvency & Reconstruction
The Bloomfield Group
Yancoal Mount Thorley Warkworth
Peabody Wambo
Newcastle District Council of RSL Sub-Branches
Cardiff RSL Sub-Branch
Toronto RSL Sub-Branch