2016 - 61st Annual Newcastle Combined Schools ANZAC Service

Private 2056 Matthew Hepple
Private 2056 Matthew Hepple of Kearsley
30th Battalion 1st Australian Imperial Force

Forget Me Not - The Hunter Boys of Fromelles

The 2016 theme commemorates the World War One Battle of Fromelles. We salute the Hunter veterans who served in the battle and highlight the discovery 92 years later of the burial site of many Australian soldiers who were listed as missing in action.

Order of Commemorative Event

Introduction and Welcome

Jordan Clarkson and Boyd Williams-Styles

Saluting Their Service

Samuel McIntyre and Emma Boundy

Forget Me Not - The Hunter Boys of Fromelles

Recognising the service of Hunter soldiers who fought in the World War I Battle of Fromelles in France and exploring the discovery of the burial site of australian soldiers 92 years after the battle.

Narrators: Michael Rewitt, Hannah Everett, Samuel McIntyre, Emma Boundy, Jordan Clarkson, Boyd Williams-Styles, Laura Davies, Samuel Bartlett, Isis Leaver, Daynah Simmons

Drama: Year 10 and Year 10 Accelerated Drama - Lambton High School
Drama Director: Anne Grivas

The Mothers' Song Written and composed by Elizabeth Blyth

Fromelles Presented by Hunter Singers
Composer: Paul Jarman
Conductor: Kim Sutherland - Merewether High School

Remembrance Service

Hannah Everett, Michael Rewitt, Laura Davies, Samuel Bartlett, Daynah Simmons, Isis Leaver

Mounting of the Catafalque Party

details of the Catafalque party

Laying of Tributes and Piping the Lament

Peter Campbell - Newastle Pipe Band

Ode of Remembrance

Archie Goodwin and Erit Petitt - Hamilton South Public School

The Last Post

Buglar: Julius Roberts - Newcastle Grammar School

One Minute's Silence


Buglar: Julius Roberts - Newcastle Grammar School

Australian National Anthem

Advance Australia Fair
Hunter Singers


Councillor Nuatali Nelmes Lord Mayor of Newcastle

Phil Winney President of Merewether-Hamilton RSL Sub branch

Terry Millett Chief Executive Officer of Newcastle Permanent Building Society


Isis Leaver

Lest We Forget

Student Committee

Isis Leaver - Callaghan College Jesmond Campus
Daynah Simmons - Callaghan College Jesmond Campus
Samuel McIntyre - Merewether High School
Emma Boundy - Merewether High School
Hannah Everett - Newcastle Grammar School
Michael Rewitt - Newcastle Grammar School
Jordan Clarkson - St Francis Xavier's College
Boyd Williams-Styles - St Francis Xavier's College
Laura Davies - St Philip's Christian College
Samuel Bartlett - St Philip's Christian College

Support Team

Michelle Gosper - Director
Di McArtney (President)
James Mackay OAM
Jenni Gill (Administration)
Michael Voorbij (Secretary) Callaghan College Jesmond Campus
Steven Gibb, Kim Sutherland, Alison Tenorio - Merewether High School
Kim Scully — St Francis Xavier's College
Angela Colbert, Duncan McKensey — Newcastle Grammar School
Graeme Evans — St Philip's Christian College — Newcastle
Anne Grivas — Lambton High School
Phil Winney (Treasurer) - Merewether-Hamilton-Adamstown RSL Sub-branch
Joy Kingsford - Callaghan College
Michael Creevey — Shamrock Video
Elizabeth Blyth
Paula Reilly
Anne Young

Lambton High School Drama

Year 10 Drama
Grace Bragias, Taylor Climas, Georgina Coxon, Abbey Forster, Mackenzie Foster, Amy Hogan, Grace Kerr, Charlie Kirkmam, Grace Lowe, Amy Mason, Sakashi Mehta, Seiannah Olsen, Cassandra Reilly, Cara Saxon, Grace Swadling, Audrey Sylvester, Brandson Thomas, Breeanna Wade, Freya Zok

Year 10 Accelerated Drama
Rachel Barr, Caitlin Bray, Sophie Carson, Jenna Hall, Alex Long, Annaliese Stojkovski

Year 12 Drama
Oliver MacFadyen

Hunter Singers

Alexsandr Coe, Claudia Crofts, Brianna Dagwell, Joshua Davidson,
Livia Dunlap, Tom Gilbertson, Yuri Gore, Lauren Halliday, Adrienne Hanslow, Joshua Hense, Anna Hughes, Zoe Innes, Brooke Kentish, Sara Kentish, Steven Kentish, Elliot Kozary, Campbell Moore, Arthy Mukunthan, Gabrielle Newland, Madeline Newland, Zoe Nikolaidou, Paul Nikolaidis, Georgia Olds,
Yasmin Parsons, Alexander Paterson, Lucinda Patterson, Sarah Peacock, Alexia Psaltis, Dylan Ratcliffe, Martha Reece, Taylor Reece, Saffron Scott. William Sim, Sharni Slattery

Sponsors and Supporters

Newcastle Permanent Building Society
Catholic Schools Office
City of Newcastle
Merewether Hamilton RSL Sub Branch
Bentleys Newcastle
Shaw Gidley Insolvency
Newcastle Grammar School
St Philip's Christian College
Shortland RSL Sub Branch
Cardiff RSL Sub Branch
Toronto RSL Sub Branch


David McBride - Activate Films
Stan Kiaos - Lakes Army Disposal Boolaroo
Ian Watkins - Fort Scratchley
CREST Newcastle
Hunter Wind Ensemble

Fromelles by Australian composer Paul Jarman, was commissioned by Hunter Singers with the assistance of the Federal Government's Anzac Centenary Arts and Culture Fund.

Special Thanks

Lambis Englezos - Amateur Historian and Advocate
Royce Atkinson - Fromelles Association